Vietnamerica: Escaping Communism

Last weekend, I went to watch the private screening of Vietnamerica, at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. Prior to watching this documentary, I knew that many Vietnamese people fled from Vietnam after the communist won the Vietnam War. However, this film taught me much more about the refugees, and helped me understand the struggle my parents went through to start a new life in Canada. Vietnamerica is a follow up to award-winning short documentary, ‘Master Hoa’s Requiem.’ Master Hoa was imprisoned for three years and went through depression, losing his entire family when escaping Vietnam on a boat. Master Hoa’s wife was raped by pirates, and all he could do was watch because he was tied up. The boats they traveled on were small and were not meant to go over seas, but it was the only hope for some Vietnamese people. This film is heart wrenching because the stories that were told could have or have happened to my family. My dad escaped on a boat, and was able to reach a refugee camp in Malaysia. My grandfather was imprisoned because he fought for South Vietnam. Even though the film is directed more to the Vietnamese Americans, the story is the same for Vietnamese Canadians. The trailer for this film can be seen below.




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