Business and Technology

Building a Budget: Film/Video Editor

In my business class, we were each assigned an occupation and we were to create a budget for a life we would live in that occupation. I was assigned the job of a film/video editor, which makes about $4000/month before taxes. The challenges I had in building this budget was balancing entertainment/hobbies with savings. Some events in life are unexpected and I had to put money aside, but I am not able to just predict how much my obstacles will cost. In addition to building this budget, Ms. Pisani gave each student an obstacle, and we had to see if our budget was able to afford the scenario. My scenario read, “Your sister is getting married in a month, and you’ve been asked to be one of the groomsmen. The cost of your suit is $500. The stag and bachelor party cost you $1000. You choose to give your sister $500 as a wedding gift.” Unfortunately even though I kept about $300 every month for emergencies, I had to take a loan to pay for my scenario. Below you will find my presentation.

BTT Commercial: Learning a Transferable Skill

After spending more than a week with Mr. Perrotta, I have been taught a transferable skill, and the importance of it. In my business class, one week was spent to learn how to shoot video and edit video. We learned many important components to creating a film, such as creating a story board and recording a master shot and coverage shots. The skills learned from this commercial assignment can be used in all my other subjects. The ability to shoot video, and knowing how to capture different angles can help with any videos I create in the future. I worked with my peers Kenneth Ancheta, Daniel Araujo, and Ayomide Badejoh to create the commercial you can see above.