Community Involvement

Northwood’s Homework Club


Every Wednesday after school, I volunteer at Northwood’s Homework Club. At this club I tutor students a variety of subjects at different levels, ranging from grade one to grade eight. I make sure the students are responsible and act in a good manner. After working with them on their homework, I play games with them. These games can be brain puzzles or physical activities.

Chaminade’s Grade Eight Open House


At Chaminade’s Grade Eight Open House, I was responsible for showing a science demonstration called ‘Genie in the Bottle’. In this experiment the guests rub the flask and watch large amounts of gas flow out of the top when the rubber stopper is removed. After conducting the experiment I explained what occurred inside the flask. H2O2’s natural decomposition is sped up by adding a catalyst. This was not only a great sight to see for the guests, but a very interesting experiment to see myself.

Preparing Classrooms at Blessed Margherita


After I graduated from Blessed Margherita, I was asked to help set up classrooms for next year. Only a few were chosen, and we all worked together to clean up and set up multiple classrooms very efficiently. I moved desks and tables around, organized books, and created labeled duo-tangs. It was a great experience helping out those who helped me in my academics.