dsc_0854-2To end off my grade nine English course, my class was assigned to create a group website where we displayed what we learned about a certain theme as our ISU. My group was made up of five guys, Isaac Soares, Brendan Mercado, Kenneth Ancheta, Enzo Panem and myself. We were assigned the theme of moments, and have incorporated what we have learned about moments into our group website through video, images and words. Not only have we used what we learned from our English course, but we have also used skills from creating commercials in business and Film Club. The editing skills I gained from participating in Film Club allowed me to edit Chamoments’ introduction video. To check out our website, visit: chamoments.wordpress.com.

The Nature of Dreams

After reading Of Mice and Men, each individual in my English class chose a topic that related to the main ideas of the book and wrote an essay about it. I chose to do my essay on dreams, because everyone in Of Mice and Men are dreaming of a better life. Steinbeck is trying to teach us that we need to make our dreams come true, even though life throws obstacles at us while we chase our dream. You can click here to find my essay.

The Beauty of a Second

In my English course, I am currently reading ‘Of Mice and Men’ by John Steinbeck. During the time the story takes place, racism was prominent. Coloured people were separated from white people. The task at hand was to create a 70 second video with 60 images. These 60 images must have been shown for one second. The project was inspired by ‘The Beauty of a Second’ by German film director, Wim Wenders. We often think a second holds no value, but in a second your life can change. For this project, I worked with Michael Guida, Eric Guido, Salvatore Maltese, Giuseppe Jr Marchione, and Jeffery Marques.

Poems Written Through a Lens

To close out the unit of poetry, my English class was assigned to create a poetry anthology. For my anthology, I chose to incorporate my photography skills and take photos that represent my poems. You can check out my anthology out at huynhj.tumblr.com. Out of all the poems I wrote, my favourite is Now I See.

Now I See

I still may be a sinner,

A failure to some,

Your average Joe, I am not,img_20160924_222208

There are many things I have become.

A photographer,

A gamer,

A listener,

Not a speaker.dsc_0754-2

A pianist,

who hates practice,

A cheapskate,

Yet still broke.

A “Roman Catholic”,img_1227

That never goes to church,

A role model,

That never wants to lead.

A man who is always embarrassed,

About what he has to say,

A man worried about tomorrow,

Having not lived today.

A man of no importance,

Left behind by the crowd,

A man lacking physical strength,

Making up for it intellectually.

A man that is bullied mentally,

He just laughs along,

A man that is told he has no eyes,

Who has finally opened them, and shall rise.