Religion ISU: Poverty

As our ISU for religion, we were assigned to create a prayer service as a group. My group was made up of Michael Vena, Enzo Panem, Kenneth Ancheta, and myself. We chose to revolve our prayer service around the theme of poverty, because poverty is an issue many may not see in Canada, but 80% of humanity lives off of about $10 a day. This poverty is created by the vice of greed. Many are saying how we should donate to the poor, but not enough people are actually committing to the act. If we want poverty to stop, we must change the world ourselves. Mother Teresa was only one person, but she stepped up and helped those who were in poverty. She set an example and moved the world forward. The presentation can be seen below.

The Almighty Creed

In my religion class, one of our assignments were to create a creed. The creed had to be 15 statements, and must state what you believe and why you believe it. My creed shows my faith in God, and the values I believe in.

1 I believe in God, our father, the creator of our wonderful earth, who had sent his son to save us from sin.

2 I believe in Jesus Christ, our messiah, a teacher to all his disciples, who teaches us how to live through the form of parables.

3 I believe in the Holy Spirit, our God that lies within us. It guides us in the path towards the light, and keeps us away from all darkness.

4 I believe in freedom, a world where everyone’s voices are heard. Not one person’s opinion is greater than another’s.

5 I believe in equality, no matter how someone looks, or where someone is from, discrimination is never right.

6 I believe in the act of charity, it is more important to give to others, than to have others give to us.

7 I believe in the strength of family, no matter what I have done, I will always be welcomed with open arms, they will never turn their backs on me.

8 I believe in creating our own fate, fate is never set in stone. If we want an extraordinary life, we must live extraordinarily.

9 I believe in forgiveness, just as God has forgiven us for our many sins, we shall forgive others.

10 I believe in acceptance, in God’s loving family, nobody is excluded, no matter the sins that they have committed.

11 I believe in honesty, to lie is a sin, and there is never a positive outcome. Always tell the truth no matter the scenario.

12 I believe in determination, no matter what obstacles are run into, we must push through to achieve our goals. Without determination, one cannot succeed.

13 I believe in gratitude, when someone does something good, such as perform an act of charity, they should be recognized and thanked.

14 I believe in modesty, when praise is given, it is accepted with gratitude. Modesty keeps us away from following the vice of pride.

15 I believe in sacrifice, giving something up for the greater good. One must be prepared to sacrifice something valuable to help others.