School Life and Awards

Film Club

After participating in Film Club for almost an entire semester, I have picked up many skills. I not only learned how to create and edit video myself, but I have also started to look at other videos differently. The first thing Mr. Perrotta taught me was what a master shot is. This shot covers the entire area a video takes place. After learning this, I looked at some short films and realized how it establishes a base for the scene. The most important idea I learned from Film Club is to always repeat the whole action when covering different angles. Even if only a small portion of the video is going to be used, repeating the action allows for fluidity. As I continue to participate in Film Club, I am sure much more is to be learned.

Reach for the Top

After participating in my elementary school’s W5H team, I was excited to join Reach for the Top. At this club, I have built stronger relationships with others and met some new people. Even though the club is not composed of many people, it is such a joy to be a part of. There is always a lot of laughter, and you never leave the room without finding out something new. This club helps me grow my knowledge, and I have seen results. At each Reach for the Top meeting, I seem to answer more and more questions. I will definitely be involved in this club during my four years in high school.

Blessed Margherita Graduation Awards

Graduating from Blessed Margherita, I was awarded with Blessed Margherita’s Perfect Attendance, Instrumental Music, and Academic Excellence awards.