Mission to Mars

To learn more about our space unit, my class went to the Ontario Science Centre. At the centre, we participated in a simulation where we would be landing and lifting off of Mars. The class was split into two halves, one would be mission control and the other would be in the space shuttle. My job was Data in the space shuttle. I am responsible for sending messages in text or numeral format. During the mission, an obstacle that my class encountered was the communications system going down. This means we were not able to talk to them nor send them messages through text. Through this simulation I learned a lot more of what it feels like to be part of a space crew. The people at mission control are just as important as those on the shuttle.

Electrical Circuits

As my class is learning about electrical currents, we were able to build electrical circuits. Reading information from a textbook is not always the best way to learn, and in this case, hands on learning helped others and myself understand this concept. Our class built two different types of circuits, series and parallel. The circuit shown below is a series circuit with two loads and a switch.

Plastics At Sea

In my science class, we were assigned to teach a lesson to the class. I worked with Isaac Soares, Brendan Mercado, and Joshua Da Silva. We taught the importance of keeping our waters clean. The plastics that end up in the sea, go through photo-degradation, and choke aquatic life as small as plankton. If we keep polluting the water, we will soon feel the effect.

Lab Reports

Every so often, I am assigned to do a lab experiment in my science class. Lab experiments are always done in groups and are a different way to learn about science. Learning from only a textbook, some ideas may not be easy to understand. Lab experiments are a way to relate the information we learned from the textbook to real life. Below, you can find some lab reports I did throughout the semester.

Plankton in the Pond

Investigating Groups of Elements and Compounds

The Guessing Game: Identifying Substances by Observing Their Properties